Uncovering the Latest in Window Treatments

By April 27, 2018Color Scheme

You may not change your window treatments that often but once you hear about the trends happing in the world of drapes and shades, you may decide now is the perfect time for an update!


Just as a room doesn’t look complete without carpeting or a rug, windows look underdressed without draperies. Here’s what’s popular right now:

Jewel tones. Precious gem colors give a room an elegant look and tons of glamour. How to choose the right hue? “Consider the wall and accent colors,” advises Nicole S. O’Dwyer, of NS Designs, an interior design firm in northeast Pennsylvania. Ruby or sapphire drapes would look luxurious against light gray walls, she says, while amethyst and amber pop against beige and cream walls.

Neutrals. If a room has an architectural detail like a high ceiling, beams or arched windows, it’s earned the right to be the center of attention. In that case, keep draperies in the background by going with a neutral hue, O’Dwyer says. But instead of white or beige, consider one of the new neutrals: charcoal, slate or taupe.

Geometrics. Draperies with geometric motifs can be eye-catching and bold but must be executed correctly. “To avoid an overbearing feel, choose a print that has multiple colors and make sure at least one of the accent colors in the pattern is neutral,” O’Dwyer says.

Accents. “Window treatment embellishments are quickly becoming passé because their heavy nature distracts from the fabric and room details,” she says. What’s in instead? Ornamental drapery hardware. Finials and grommets come in a variety of finishes like brushed nickel and chrome, making it easy to coordinate with the curtain rod.


Eco-friendly materials and strong colors are among the biggest trends for shades and blinds this year.

Bold graphic patterns. Want to instantly liven up a contemporary-style room? Hang large-scale-patterned shades. Switching out a neutral color for a vivid geometric print takes the window from background player to star.

Glitz. If someone in your family loves sparkly things, install a pink or purple window shade made of a sheer, shimmery fabric in their bedroom. To keep the look chic and stylish, O’Dwyer suggests avoid using multiple fabrics and colors – opt for solid curtains to balance the shimmer.

Natural fibers. Instead of shades made of synthetic materials, consider those made with natural fibers, or woven wood, like bamboo and jute.

“Add a light-filtering liner attached to the shade, allowing the natural beauty of the woven woods to become prominent, instead of getting lost when light shines through,” O’Dwyer says.

Automation. Forget about manually opening and closing a shade: According to O’Dwyer, it’s becoming popular to hardwired shades into a home’s electrical plan. To activate, all you need is a remote or smart device. “Your favorite settings can be programmed to open shades in the morning, block harsh afternoon sun, and close at night,” she says, “They’re especially handy if you’ve got any hard-to-reach windows.”


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