A Home Makeover Focused on Fall

By January 15, 2018Interior Decor

Summer is over. Once you’ve accepted this hard truth, turn your attention to the gorgeous season that follows. Fall is the time to make your home cozy with season-inspired colors and textures. Here’s how to add a few autumnal touches that will give your space a timely look.

1. Pick up free decorations

Fall may be the easiest, cost-effective season to decorate your home. Depending on where you live, you may be able to step outside and pick up pinecones, leaves and branches – all nature’s gifts at no cost to you. Place in clear vases or scatter on tabletops for a genuine touch of fall.

2. Add greenery

In areas of the country where temperatures drop in autumn, you’ll most likely be spending more time indoors and less time in the garden. To get that back-to-nature feeling and add warmth to any space, fill your home with green plants like a peace lily, spider plants, or succulents, says Nicole S. O’Dwyer, who owns NS Designs, an interior design firm in northeastern Pennsylvania. Pick a hue from your home’s fall color scheme when shopping for planters. Use different sizes for a more interesting, layered look.

3. Color your home

Color is a classic, effective decorating tool that can be utilized over and over in every room. Some of O’Dwyer’s favorite fall combinations include gray and emerald green; cream and burgundy; and brown and burnt orange. She suggests repeating the color scheme in other rooms for a cohesive look. “For example, if you have a plaid throw in the family room, add a striped table runner with coordinating tones in the dining room,” she says. And don’t forget about faux fur throw pillows in fall shades.

4. Treat firewood as an accessory

If you love that cozy feeling you get from lighting a fire, display your firewood so it becomes an accessory. An oversized basket or a copper firewood bucket make decorative as well as practical receptacles, keeping the firewood from looking messy, O’Dwyer says.

5. Redecorate the mantel

When the fireplace is a room’s focal point during chilly autumn nights, the mantel needs fall-focused attention. Candlesticks in autumn colors, small white pumpkins and thick books meant to encourage reading by the hearth says “fall” with one look.

6. Dress your home with a cozy fabric

“Velvet is a popular fabric this season in home fashion and fall is the perfect time to use it as an accent,” O’Dwyer says. Pick a rich color from your home’s color palette and add a solid velvet throw pillow, blanket or even an accent chair for the living room.